Bryan Jurish / Projects / Perl

PDL Extensions

Programming Utilities

  • Getopt::Gen v0.10: yet another command-line parser generator, with support for auto-generated documentation via pod2xxx.

Network Utilities

  • DDC-perl v0.06: Pure-Perl object-oriented client & filter classes for querying a DDC ("DWDS/Dialing Concordance") corpus server. DDC itself is available here. The newest version of the DDC perl client wrappers themselves should always be available from sourceforge.
  • OSC v0.03: Perl OSC implementation; there are better ones out there...
  • Pd::Socket v0.02: FUDI socket implementation, suitable for use with Pd netsend/netreceive.
  • Linux::Iwtools v0.01 Perl wrappers for Jean Tourrilhes' Linux Wireless Utilities 'iwconfig' and the 'scanning' command for 'iwlist'. Avoids accumulating too much extraneous process overhead.
  • Wlanctl v0.03 Yet another wireless configuration manager with arbitrary user-defined per-network hooks. This one has both command-line and perl/Gtk interfaces, and can be run as a normal user (re-configuration etc. can use sudo). Here are some screenshots:


  • Pd::Patch v0.01: Object-oriented Perl modules for parsing and generating PureData abstractions. Work in progress.
  • Gfsm: Perl bindings for the gfsm finite-state machine C library can be found here.
  • Math::PartialOrder v0.01: Abstract Perl implementation of bounded complete partial orders
  • Data::FStructure v0.01: Abstract feature structures for Perl.
  • WhoDat v0.01: Trainable stochastic nonsense generator using Hidden Markov Models.