Bryan Jurish / Software


  • moot: part-of-speech tagging suite
  • mootm: morphological analyzer
  • GFSM: rudimentary finite-state utility library
  • perl: miscellaneous perl modules, etc.

Project software

DTA+DWDS software

  • DDC²: enhanced version of A. Sokirko's document indexing system
  • DiaCollo: diachronic collocation index
  • DTA::CAB: "Cascaded Analysis Broker" for robust linguistic analysis
  • DTA EvalCorpus: token-aligned training & evaluation corpus of historical German
  • dta-tokwrap: serialization & tokenization for DTA XML documents
  • gramophone grapheme-phoneme conversion (joint work with Kay-Michael Würzner)
  • Lingua::LTS: compiler for festival-style LTS rules
  • Lingua::LangId: language-guessing library & utilities
  • Taxi::Mysql: document analysis & indexing system
  • unicruft: UTF-8 transliteration library & tools